January 20, 2008

Shigofume Ep 1

Edit: So much for that.  Bandai Visual picked it up already.  Accd to their website they'll be charging $40 per 1 or 2 episode disk.  I'll get the first episode out of obligation, but that's it.  Shigofumi is good, but not worth those prices.

A "shigofumi" is a letter from the dead, and Fumika is the deliverygirl responsible for getting them to their destination.  Keeps the restless souls from hanging around in ghost form scaring peope, I suppose - why hang around as a disembodied spirit when you can lounge around the afterlife's pool, nibbling on sushi, and just dash off a letter that will get your message across just fine?

Fumika is a Shinigami (literally death-god) - she's Death incarnate except that unlike the stuffy old western tradition of rotting robes and a scyhe she's got snappy clothes and a talking staff, possibly because her particular job doesn't involve collecting souls.


And the first episode is a doozy.  A dead man sends a letter to his oldest daughter's lover.  Only they haven't actually done the deed yet, which leads to some amusing bits where the poor guy tries to bring himself to confessing and getting the girl in bed.  There's two big twists at the end, the first one was a good one, but the second one was totally unexpected and really floored me.  Shigofumi has propelled itself to the front of the "must watch" list.

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