January 16, 2008

Spring 2008 season

Rosario to Vampire seems like this season's Goshushuu-sama Ninomiya-kun.  Episode two even introduced a succubus, though vampire-girl is much more amusing (developing a crush on her first victim? brilliant!)

True Tears looks interesting so far - I'm curious what the deal is with chicken-girl.

H2O ~ Footprints in the Sand initially turned me off with the girl that keeps getting beat up by the bullies, and the blind kid really annoyed me as well.  But after two episodes the blind kid can mysteriously see again and I'm really curious what's up with the girl - the other kids call her "roach" and "monster", and she seems to want to be a pariah.  It's gotta be tied in with some Ancient Sin of the Village or something, but still I'm curious.

And that's about it.  Still waiting for the second half of Kimikiss Pure Rouge and Miname-ke, and I still haven't finished the fall season run of ef ~ a Tale of Memories, Myself; Yourself and Bamboo Blade ... I think Bamboo Blade and ef continue on into this spring season as well.

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