November 11, 2007

Duckbilled Platypuma

Every now and then these show up on ebay.  Puma scales and the Puma name on the shank...

And the Bresnick name and ducks on the back.

These oddball razors are one reason that straight razor fans suspect that Puma was the OEM for the Dubl Duck razors.  The question is how they came to have the stampings for both companies...  One theory is that the entry of the US into WWI left Puma with a bunch of Dubl Duck blades that they finished as Pumas.  Dubl Duck razors tend to have slightly longer blades than standard, and all of these puma-ducks have very close-fitting scales - on mine the blade barely clears the end wedge, and on some of them the tip of the blade actually clips the wedge.

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