August 25, 2007

Lovely Complex #20

Word gets out to the gang...

Off for a little romantic studying...

But Mimi interrupts.  She's a giraffe too (and a model!), and has had the hots for Otani for years.  When Otani is around she's cute and charming in that jailbait-schoolgirl kind of way, but when Otani isn't around she's pretty disturbing...

Did I say disturbing?  I meant psychotic...

That girl's gonna kill somebody someday...

Eventually the mask slips off in front of Otani...

Otani sends her packing, but trouble awaits...

Or at least it would if Otani weren't so dumb that he's had to take summer remedial courses all through high school.  I'm not sure why the teachers weren't rolling on the floor laughing when they read this.

Not a bad little episode.  Kind of light on the comedy, but the lack of weepiness on Koizumi's part was a nice change. And Mimi's confession helped trigger Otani to seriously think about the things he loves about Koizumi.

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