September 06, 2007

School Days

So going into the school festival we had a simple three-way romance going.  Sekai loves Makoto, Kotonoha loves Makoto.  Makoto loves them both, but is getting solid action from Sekia and tentative hand-holding from Kotonoha.  But then Otome and Kiyoura have to go and mix things up a bit.  And after Makoto finally! breaks up with Kotonoha in a way she can't misunderstand, she's showing signs of going nuts and eyeing the kitchen knives, which will no doubt lead us to our first "bad ending" of the series.

It was obvious from the first episode that there was no good way for this to end well, but maybe they'll try to do the Kanon thing and give us all the famous endings?

Oh, and I gave in and watched another episode of Umisho.  I gotta say, the brown-haired rich chick is umm, "interesting".

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